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Origin: French; Hospitalité; The quality or disposition of receiving and treating guests and strangers in a warm, friendly, generous way.



Origin: Latin; Alui altum; To nourish, cherish, support, sustain, maintain and keep.

It is our intention to get back to the roots of hospitality. We want each and every guest to feel welcome in our home, and that home is ALO. A destination for classically prepared, meticulously thought out French food and service. This no-nonsense approach to fine dining with our combined experience working behind-the-scenes at some of the world’s best restaurants has led us to this point. We welcome you to ALO.

Chef Patrick Kriss & General Manager Amanda Bradley

Amanda Bradley — General Manager

Amanda Bradley developed her passion for the restaurant industry at Niagara College, where she studied hospitality and tourism marketing. Soon after, she cut her teeth working as the restaurant manager of Pazzo ristorante in Stratford, Ontario. She also worked at the Stratford Chef School, where she was introduced to Alexander Gauthier who invited her to work at his La Grenouillere restaurant in Montreuil-sur-Mer, France. Bradley, who loves to travel, gladly accepted and spent one year working at the Michelin-rated restaurant. Upon her return to Toronto, she worked as the general manager of highly regarded and inventive George restaurant in Toronto’s east end for over two years. It was during her tenure at George that Bradley was introduced to Kriss, and they developed a plan for their own restaurant. Bradley’s graceful enthusiasm combined with a laser-like eye for detail make her the perfect GM for ALO.

Patrick Kriss — Chef

Born and raised in Scarbourough, 35-year-old Patrick Kriss has fond memories of his introduction to food. As a child, Kriss baked pies and helped make breakfast with his grandmother at their summer cottage. He went on to train at George Brown’s culinary arts program and began his career at Toronto’s renowned Auberge du Pommier. A move to New York City saw Kriss work under French chef Daniel Boulud at his eponymous, Michelin-rated Daniel restaurant for three years. When Daniel closed for renovations, Kriss left for France to work at Régis Marcon and La Maison Troisgros. In 2010, he returned to Toronto to work at Splendido, where he worked for nearly two years. He most recently received praise for his talent at Toronto’s highly acclaimed Acadia restaurant. Building on the success of his experience, Kriss is teaming up with general manager Amanda Bradley to make his culinary mark.

Matthew Betsch — Sous Chef

Native of Toronto, Matthew was introduced to the culinary world at the age of sixteen through a high school co-op at Lambton Golf and Country Club. From here he completed his two year apprenticeship at Senses in the Soho Metropolitan Hotel, getting his first taste of French Cuisine. In 2010 Matthew moved on to work under Executive Chef Victor Barry at Splendido. Through two years working at the Harbord street landmark, Matthew gained invaluable experience preparing elaborate tasting menus focused on seasonal ingredients. Learning directly from Chef de Cuisine Patrick Kriss, Matthew quickly rose through the ranks, finishing his time at Splendido as Sous Chef. Leaving Toronto, Matthew moved abroad to work at the Three Michelin Starred Eleven Madison Park in Manhattan. In 2014 Travelling through France, Matthew spent months training at Boulangerie Landemaine in Paris as well as short stints with Chefs such as Michel Bras, Bertrand Grebault and David Toutain. Returning to home soil in 2015 only to be reunited with Chef Patrick Kriss to lead the Brigade at Alo, which will create amazing things.

Nick Bentley — Sous Chef

Growing up just north of Toronto, Nick started cooking as a part time job. It was these jobs that gave him the drive to pursue cooking professionally. Naturally the 2-yr Culinary Management Program at Georgian College was the next step. After graduating from Georgian, Bentley moved to Toronto to work for Oliver & Bonacini. Working as Junior Sous Chef at Canoe Restaurant, Nick was guided and educated by highly respected Chef Anthony Walsh and Chef du Cuisine John Horne.

Looking to gain different experience Nick worked through various stations at Splendido Restaurant under Chef Victor Barry and Acadia Restaurant under Chef Patrick Kriss. It was at Acadia that Chef Kriss became Sous Chef Bentley’s most influential mentors in cooking. The Focus was placed on cooking technically challenging and refined foods.

After the closing of Acadia, Nick took on the position of Senior Sous Chef for David Lee. It was this position that gave Nick the skill set to properly manage and operate a kitchen from a business standpoint. It was in 2014 that Chef Patrick Kriss invited Nick to be a part of his team at Alo, Nicks skill set will help to manage a brigade that will promote success.

John Bunner — Bar Manager

John caught the bug for classic cocktails while he was a PhD student at the University of Toronto. In addition to lecturing and researching, he began to cater cocktails for parties and various small events. When presented with the chance to train at the Toronto Temperance Society under Oliver Stern and Robin Kaufman, Bunner didn’t think twice. Fitting right in, he was offered a position on the bar. Stepping back from TTS to lead the bar at Yours Truly, was John's next move. At Yours Truly he learned a great deal about modern cuisine and the business of bar management. After Yours Truly’s closing, he returned to TTS and joined the bar management team at Byblos Restaurant. Of these experiences, the two aspects that John has taken the most satisfaction from are the elegance of drink service at TTS and the passionate ambition of the kitchen at Yours Truly. John eagerly looks forward to the combination of both aspects at Alo.

Cori Murphy — Pastry Chef

It was in 2008 that the true career of pastry began for Cori, when she attended the Baking and Pastry arts program at George Brown College. With the eagerness to learn more she relocated to France where she studied a 3-month French Pastry Program at Highly regarded Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Pâtisserie in yssingeaux, France. Falling in love with French Pastry Cori returned to Toronto to work at Rahier Pâtisserie. Her next transition was to Canoe Restaurant, as Senior Pastry Cook, to become more acquainted with restaurant Pastry work.

Never losing sight of the French way, Murphy relocated to Montreal to work along side Chef Patrice Demers to open Patrice Pâtissier. It only took one year of being out of the city for Chef Patrick Kriss to track down Murphy, her palate in pastry is a strong compliment to the savory side of the Alo menu.


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