‘Mixing With’ videos

‘Mixing With’ is a series of videos documenting Toronto bartenders and their cocktails. On a snowy day back in February, the Mixing With crew visited The Bar at Alo to film us and our Armagnac Old Fashioned. Total pros … they were a pleasure to spend the day with! Check out this and their other videos.

Speaking of other videos, you might recognize Michael Mooney — the subject of the first Mixing With episode — about the Bar at Alo in the weeks to come.


We’re excited to count Michael as a member of our bar team and suspect that our esteemed guests will appreciate his gracious hospitality … as I have many, many times.

– John

Best of luck/skill, Shane!

Like other great competitors before him — think Jordan, Lemieux, Phelps — our Shane’s retirement from cocktail competitions was justly called-off. This June, Shane will travel to both Cuba and Washington, DC to compete in two prominent contests. Cuba is host to Havana Club’s Global Grand Prix where he is representing Canada. Meanwhile, Washington is the site of the Canadian finals of Diageo’s 2016 World Class bartender competition. We want to congratulate Shane on his participating in these events and wish him the best of luck/skill!

– John