Best of luck/skill, Shane!

Like other great competitors before him — think Jordan, Lemieux, Phelps — our Shane’s retirement from cocktail competitions was justly called-off. This June, Shane will travel to both Cuba and Washington, DC to compete in two prominent contests. Cuba is host to Havana Club’s Global Grand Prix where he is representing Canada. Meanwhile, Washington is the site of the Canadian finals of Diageo’s 2016 World Class bartender competition. We want to congratulate Shane on his participating in these events and wish him the best of luck/skill!

– John

Toronto restaurant Alo goes all in on high-end dining – and wins – The Globe and Mail

Last spring, after the chef Patrick Kriss and his front-of-house partner, Amanda Bradley, announced the first few details about the restaurant they were building, an acquaintance in the business sent me an e-mail with “Alo??” as its subject line. Alo was the name of the duo’s planned venture; it would be on the third storey of a building nobody had ever noticed before at the corner of Queen and Spadina, out of sight of the street and the city; for walk-by traffic, it would be completely out-of-mind.

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Alo sets all-new benchmark for Toronto dining to lead 2015 list

The elevator ride is three flights up into a world away, into a Hail Mary pass of a place that somehow became one of the greatest restaurants in city history. Alo’s Queen and Spadina address is odd for fine dining, its partners, though prodigiously experienced, are first-time owners, and the tasting menu format to which it’s hitched its fortunes is notoriously difficult with Toronto crowds. But none of that matters. Chef Patrick Kriss and general manager Amanda Bradley have built not just a blockbuster of a bar and restaurant, but an all-new benchmark for hospitality and wine service and full-on deliciousness, for ambitious high-end food.

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Alo’s tasting menus and service merit 4 stars: Review – Toronto Star

One of Toronto’s most remarkable dining experiences unfolds at the gritty corner of Queen and Spadina.

Three floors above street level you’ll find the new Alo, a deluxe restaurant with an $89-a-person menu and Michelin-worthy service.

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Best New Restaurants 2016

Here’s how I’d like my death row meal to go: light-as-air mini–pommes soufflés dipped in a black pepper aïoli; two oysters, the West Coaster deep-fried, the East Coaster raw and briny and crowned by a baby nasturtium leaf; a puff of beef tendon, greasy in exactly the right way, and the always-a-shock-to-the-taste-buds muskiness of foie gras….

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Course correction: At his audacious new restaurant, Alo, Patrick Kriss revives the sullied art of the tasting menu

The entrance to Alo, the best restaurant to open in the city this year—in many years—isn’t promising. The door, beside the Hero Burger in a Victorian-era building at Queen and Spadina, is easy to miss.

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